Martin and John Photography

Many people who stay at Half House Cottage take some great photographs to remember their holiday. However, Martin Ellis takes his photography to a professional level. He has very kindly allowed us to use some of the excellent pictures taken during his stay this winter (2019). They are so good that we have set up a page just for his photos. Please visit his website if you are interested in more of his work and/or are interested to buy a top quality print.

Squirrel Visit

Though we know there are red squirrels that live around Cappercleuch we don’t usually get such a great view as we had of this one that hung around for several hours munching on seeds and pine cones. You can see him in an HD movie on Youtube:

Free Locked Storage Space

We were pleased that a couple of recent guests were able to take up our offer of free locked storage for equipment. One person had a mountain bike and another had brought an inflatable kayak. Last year we had some people touring on motorbikes who were grateful to have their bikes secure and in the dry.

Fish in his/her talons

You can just make out that the osprey is carrying a fish it has just caught. I saw it hovering over the loch and heard a loud splash as it hit the water, just out of my view. I then just managed to take a picture as it was flying away. A nice punctuation to a gorgeous evening.

Osprey return

Over the past few days we have seen an osprey as a late afternoon visitor. It’s always a relief to see that the migration has gone to plan.┬áHe/she flies over the loch directly in front of the Half House cottage, frequently hovering briefly as she looks for fish … no binoculars required!

Still on the bird theme we had a large number of Whooper swans on the loch this year. They migrate from Iceland apparently. There are just a few stragglers left now as most have headed home for the summer.

Caterpillars galore

On a walk around the loch yesterday the unseasonably warm weather had brought out a variety of rather impressive caterpillars. We don’t know if they were supposed to emerge in February but they were taking their chances nevertheless. Thanks to Louise for the photos.