Osprey return

Over the past few days we have seen an osprey as a late afternoon visitor. It’s always a relief to see that the migration has gone to plan. He/she flies over the loch directly in front of the Half House cottage, frequently hovering briefly as she looks for fish … no binoculars required!

Still on the bird theme we had a large number of Whooper swans on the loch this year. They migrate from Iceland apparently. There are just a few stragglers left now as most have headed home for the summer.

Caterpillars galore

On a walk around the loch yesterday the unseasonably warm weather had brought out a variety of rather impressive caterpillars. We don’t know if they were supposed to emerge in February but they were taking their chances nevertheless. Thanks to Louise for the photos.

Winter bookings

We were delighted that the cottage was booked for Christmas quite early in the year.  However, we have plenty of availability at other times during the winter months. If you fancy a cosy retreat, and are prepared to take your chance with the weather, we would love to welcome you to the Half House Cottage. Our winters are less snowy than you might imagine … but it does happen as the photo below shows!

The Merlin Trail

It may come as a surprise to discover that Merlin, the wizard of Arthurian legend, lived in the south of Scotland close to this area. The Merlin Trail has tied together all the connections if you have a curiosity about dark ages history!

Tour o’ the Borders Cycle Event

Our local roads were closed for part of the day for the the annual cycle “sportive” event on Sunday 2nd September. A great challenge for riders of all abilities.

“For me this route will stand out as being one of the best all-round rides I have done in the UK. The climbing was not unduly challenging, the scenery stunning and the descents memorable. Its a masterpiece of route planning.” – Cycling Active Magazine

Great photos

These 2 excellent photos are ©Les Walton, a recent guest at Half House cottage. A perfect reflection across the loch and a sunrise taken from the old jetty.

Unloved or greatly missed?

Here’s a wee motorbike that was found tucked underneath the TV unit when cleaning today … It’s been a while since youngsters were staying so not sure whose it may be. Evidence and back-story will be essential for any claim!

Golden Eagles

It has just been officially announced today that 3 golden eagles were released in our area at the end of July! We thought we had seen one and hoped he/she was one of the young eagles newly released. The story has been carried by radio and TV today. The picture below is one of the eagles, named Edward (of course)!