Shouting bird

House martins have been having a hard time nationally I believe. Ours were late arriving but have been selecting mates (shouting loudly seems to be a good ploy) and building nests. This one is actually a swallow that was in front of the Half House on a power cable.


A gorgeous couple of weeks weatherise but a grey sky this morning. However, an osprey came out to entertain us just in front of the house. I had time to get the camera and snatched a quick shot. He/she has been around our section of the loch regularly over the past few days. They do cover quite a distance so there’s no saying where the actual nest may be.


For some people just walking around the loch doesn’t offer that direct contact experience! Not for me, even with a wet suit!

Hare Today (gone tomorrow?)

Not very sharp picture because it was through double glazing looking out to where we park our car. Very early this morning he was out eating the dandelions, which is no bad thing!

Glen Café

It’s great to see the Glen café back in operation after the refurbishment. It’s 2 minutes drive from the cottage. Everyone knows it as the Glen Café at St Mary’s Loch but technically the loch directly in front of it is called the Loch O’ the Lowes or “the wee loch” separated from St Mary’s Loch itself by a very short channel.

Bedroom view

Gorgeous day today! After our guests left I took the opportunity to take a picture from the upstairs bedroom as the view on our Introduction page was actually taken from the hill behind the cottage. Quite similar?

Food delivery?

We can organise a supermarket delivery of food for your stay and save you having to bring so much with you! Give Katie a phone.

Yorkshire Dales?

I’ve just added information on our links page to a self catering barn conversion in the Yorkshire Dales. If you’ve “done” the Scottish Borders why not give it a try! High standard accommodation guaranteed.