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The road to Cappercleuch (cottage is one on the left – 1920s)

Reflections on St Mary’s Loch ©Les Walton

Sunrise from the jetty ©Les Walton

Mist clearing on a January morning, ice at the edge of the loch

There’s usually some wildlife to spot

Should this chap have been around in February 2019?

Golden eagles were first released into the area summer 2018

Cuckoo flower has been much in evidence.

Sailing on St Mary’s loch

Sheep with a view

A very rare occurrence at St Mary’s Loch!

Ice forming on St Mary’s Loch

The Cappercleuch AA box no longer works I’m afraid! In the 1960s all AA members had a key that fitted all these boxes to call for assistance. The bike and sidecar would arrive to repair your car. If you had your AA membership badge on show (usually attached to the radiator grill or front bumper/fender) the uniformed AA man had to salute!

Boat restoration is on the cards this year!

Snapped a fox in flight across the snowy hill behind Half House cottage